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It's really easy to do...

...just flap your wings and kick your feet!

Even the little guys are doing it!

All together now!

How to do the Chicken Dance!

1. Hold your hands in a "bye-bye" position, and pretend they are your beaks. "Chirp" your fingers four times (4 counts).

2. With your arms in "wing position" (hands tucked in armpits), flap your wings 4 times (4 counts).

3. Now "wiggle your tail feathers" down to the floor 4 times (4 counts).

4. Clap your hands 4 times (4 counts).

5. Repeat all of the movements above three more times, to complete the chorus.

Now that you know how, send this to teach
"The Chicken Dance" to all of your friends!

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