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In Each and Every Way


How do I get from point a to point b?

How do I make you, my love see?

I try to show you with my touch,

That I love you oh so much.

You ask me not to let you in.

But that's to late it's already began.

I know it scares you so,

Every time I let you know.

But this is something you just cant deny.

So you look in my eyes and let out a gentle sigh.

We felt it almost from the start.

This special feeling of the heart.

So I lay here at night slowly drifting to sleep.

As dreams of you into my mind do creep.

I hear your voice as I go along.

It sounds like a beautiful love song.

I see your face each and every day.

And wish I had the chance to look at you and say...

I love you my darling in each and every way!

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