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So often it may seem as if I have
taken you for granted, that I never
noticed all that you did for me or the
sacrifices you made for my benefit. But
I did notice.

I may not have said anything at the
time, and I am sure that many times I
really didn't appreciate you. But now
that I have grown up, I realize that
everything you did was because you loved
me and wanted the best for me.

I can see now that doing so much for
me meant giving up a lot for yourself.
As I look around, I see many parents who
take care of themselves first and their
children second. In the eyes of those
children, I can see a hurt that I never
knew. You have given me more than I ever

At a time when so many people are
blaming their parents for what is wrong
with them, I want to thank you for all
that is good in me. You instilled it in
me with each hug, scolding,
understanding word, punishment, and
"I love you." I just wanted to tell you
that I am forever grateful, and I love
you very much.

- Poem by Michele Weber





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