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(: Make Your Own Happiness :)

Make a wish, Make it grand,
Make it big as you can stand.

Make it loud, Make it strong,
Make it up as you go along.

Make a difference, Make your mark,
Make your own creative spark.

Make a statement, Make it true,
Make it from the heart of you.

Make a scene, Make a face,
Make yourself some breathing-space.

Make a way, Make more time,
to laugh and play.

Make peace, Make amends,
Make a promise make new friends.

Make it work, Make it go,
Make it "yes" instead of "no".

Make some music, Make some noise,
Make a list of simple joys.

Make some cookies, Make some tea,
Make a date with destiny.

Make a try, Make a guess,
Make a choice for happiness.

Make your life anything and
everything you want it to be!

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